Crocheted Fan Bookmarks

Here’s the result of two hours of well-enjoyed labor:

Detail shot

Long shot

Made those bookmarks for 3 special ladies: my two sisters and myself. Heh. I really liked how they turned out: so colorful and pretty! I still have to spray starch on them and then iron them to make them stiff.

The pattern was made by the very talented Cupcake.


Lip Balm Cozies

Here’s a photo of 3 lip balm cozies I made late last year. I gave them to 3 of my best buds.

I absolutely enjoyed making these because they provided instant gratification. I really like the colors, and I also like how the beads matched them. The beads I’ve used on the cozies were the only ones I’ve found that I thought would look good on the threads I bought… and I was right! That’s why when I went out to buy some more, and found out that there were only 2 packs left, I bought them all, right there and then.

Well, I haven’t been able to crochet much this past 2 months. I was just too lazy. Besides I didn’t have the time because of work. Whenever I crochet, I wanted to finish it that day because putting it off for days makes me lose interest. But now I am determined to start crocheting again. That is, if I can get off my lazy butt. Good luck to me. Heh. :)